Friday, September 7, 2007

Today's post is not so much about sexuality, with more focus on the whole adolescent thing...

As primarily (although not exclusively) adults read my blog, you may not be aware of This is a delightful website that was created and is still run by Ashley Qualls, otherwise known as AshBo. Whateverlife is a site that creates Myspace page layouts. The site is currently making about $70,000 per month in advertising revenue. According to at least one source, the site is ranked 349 - that would be the 349th most popular website out all of the millions of websites on the web. Pretty astounding. Perhaps even more astounding, Ashbo is 17. In Feb of '06 AshBo dropped out of high school, and she's now attending a community college part-time while she runs her (very lucrative) business.

She sounds cool. I'd totally be her friend. I wonder how much she knows about sex ed?

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charmayne said...

thx for this link. the foster agency i am associated with is having a Dreamgirls Holiday program for teen girls in care. we will use this link to inspire them to "go-for-it" with their dreams.